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All data collected were reviewed manually to exclude any messages/conversations that were not in the target language or that had sensitive content, such as personal identifying information (PII).

A portion of the source conversations containing Arabizi tokens were automatically transliterated into Arabic script.

BOLT Egyptian Arabic SMS/Chat and Transliteration was developed by the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC) and consists of naturally-occurring Short Message Service (SMS) and Chat (CHT) data collected through data donations and live collection involving native speakers of Egyptian Arabic.

The corpus contains 5,691 conversations totaling 1,029,248 words across 262,026 messages.

Here’s how you can use our two-way SMS chat feature: Step #1: Log in to your Text Magic account or sign up for a new account. Step #2: All your two-way SMS chats will be displayed in the dashboard.

You can open a new chat by clicking on the New Chat button on the upper left side of the screen.

Unlimited Chat (Paid Annually), Unlimited Content Postings and Unified Messaging Portal to manage your Omni channel (Live Chat, SMS, Email) conversation originating from any of your widgets with compete analytics and context.

Have real-time conversations with your customers and staff via text message.

Using Proactive Chat Invitations Is it possible to block IPs from starting a chat session? If I subscribe now, will I automatically get any new updates?It’s not always convenient to be caught on a phone, but with SMS they can reply when it suits them. No matter what industry you're in, there’s always a conversation to be had.Whether you're a pharmacist and need to discuss medication, an insurance provider sending an update, or a credit agency needing to discuss overdue payments; SMS is an effective and non-intrusive communication channel.The BOLT (Broad Operational Language Translation) program developed machine translation and information retrieval for less formal genres, focusing particularly on user-generated content.LDC supported the BOLT program by collecting informal data sources -- discussion forums, text messaging and chat -- in Chinese, Egyptian Arabic and English.

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