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Do you find yourself contemplating about whether both of you should start living together?

If your partner and you have had a conversation about living together, well, that’s good for you.

I’d been dating my boyfriend, let’s call him Jordan, for almost two years when we decided to move in together.

The situation was unique: Jordan was staying in London for five months to study law and, since I’d just finished grad school and was itching for adventure, he invited me to come along.

Kuperberg says it's unwise to either move in or get married before the age of 23.

But other family experts say that's lowballing it.

This is especially true of couples who are already at odds over whether or not to marry.

"What leads to divorce is when people move in with someone – with or without a marriage license – before they have the maturity and experience to choose compatible partners and to conduct themselves in ways that can sustain a long-term relationship."So what's the magic age?

Cohabitating is a personal decision that should be given deep thought; it can be a great way to join two lives or a disaster waiting to happen.

We talked with self-help expert and relationship coach John Mc Grail and author Jonathan Alpert about the 15 things to consider before you start packing. Living together before marriage won't fix pre-existing problems. If you fight constantly, battle over commitment issues, or feel generally uncomfortable living apart, moving in together is relationship suicide.

I thought we would continue the relationship we already had, just in closer quarters. It adapted to the new space, our new life, and became something totally new and different. We’d see each other two or three times a week, considering ourselves lucky if we got to hang out more than that.

Usually, we’d have a plan for our night together and there would be a sparkle of specialness about the whole thing: I’d put on lipstick or a dress I knew he liked, and we’d go out to eat or buy food to make together.

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