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With Friends, you can connect with not only local singles, but with singles from around the world.

When you're not limited by location, there's no limit to the number of exciting matches you can meet.

Ironically, the following week we walked into our office and couldn’t log into the system.

Anonymous franchise complaints, a franchise lawsuit and GRN’s own disclosure documents raise several issues worthy of further investigation. resize=198,300 198w" sizes="(max-width: 209px) 100vw, 209px" data-recalc-dims="1" /However, both a scathing anonymous comment left on a prominent complaint site and the counter-suit against the company filed by a Global Recruiters Network franchise owner specifically challenge the idea that the GRN network is one big happy family… We’ve been informed that a former GRN franchise owner named Melissa Beaudet, has issued an apology for the online complaint she made on Ripoff Report which we referenced in our original post.

The network currently offers over 70 niche dating ad channels, and is working with a range of publishers across the US and Europe.

As co-founder Michael Carter explained when we spoke to him earlier this year: “The concept of niche marketing isn’t a new one.

And exagerate [After several years we noticed a lot of odd things happening to where the president Brad Baiocchi started closing down franchise offices without giving any notice to the owners and offices started disappearing with no explanation.

…We had heard there were rumors that Brad was trying to sell the company so we started talking to other owners and our friends at corporate to find out what would happen to the franchisees if GRN did sell.

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