Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana

The decision of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) to go to court to contest the outcome of the elections is also examined.

Elections and democracy While elections may not be a foolproof mechanism for ensuring credible political representation, they remain a fundamental condition for democratic legitimacy.

In Cape Verde, the opposition, Movement for Democracy (Mp D), won landslide victory in the parliamentary election that was held in March, after almost fifteen years in the minority.

However, Ghana’s story is somewhat different from the foregoing narratives in important respects.

To be sure, Ghana is not the only country in Africa making considerable progress in democratic consolidation.This essay examines the connection between elections and democracy, drawing on the case of Ghana.It evaluates the role played by civil society and the Ghanaian Electoral Commission (EC) before and during the election and analyzes the impact of the death of President Atta Mills on the electoral fortunes of his National Democratic Congress (NDC).Despite the importance attached to tailor-made approaches , donor-sponsored democracy promoting NGOs in such different parts of the world as Ghana and Indonesia have very similar organizational characteristics.This paper explores the question of why they are so similar.

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