Zachary quinto and kristen bell dating

I'm anti-Pr EP, mostly."Anyone who takes an AIDS drug who doesn't have AIDS is bananas! He's a hugely successful model who earns a very decent income and his family are extremely well off. You cant just trash someone because you don't like his bf. I can't stand that kind of pathetic person that leaps up and down shouting slut and whore at people when they feel pissed off about something. Zachary Quinto's words were probably ill chosen but I think they were meant well, even if they were taken out of context. I guess it's to do with Christian values and all that shit. As usual, she’s a bit overdressed for the laid back Malibu restaurant, but we love the guy she has carrying her handbag.Because Michael Fassbender's been such a "Wait Just a Minute and Let Me Take My Pants Off" kind of actor, he always comes up.

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Unless, you're a necrophiliac - and again, we're not here to judge you - the living/dead thing goes without saying...

Many of the New York gays are just over it with him lately. Andy says out loud that he can't believe he slapped him so hard.

Andy, hates fake and preachy.[quote]Andy, hates fake That's hysterical in view of his specialty in promoting scripted "reality" garbage. Quinto responds by saying you literally asked me to slap you.

If true that he hates fake, the big 'ol bottom must hate himself for his attempts to fake being a top.r11 - there is nothing I wrote that wasn't factual and can't be seen by watching the first 3 mintues of the interview. Andy says I guess you're right but is clearly miffed. In addition: All of Cohen's questions for every interview are planned in advance so that's not exactly breaking news. If you don't like Quinto for whatever reason then fair enough, if you feel that way, but Miles Mc Millan is neither slutty or gold digging.

And ALL questions for every interview are bitchy, frothy, send ups of every single celebrity. I'm sure Quinto can still be insufferable, but Andy Cohen is the pinnacle of....well, not much, although clearly, he's easy to like in his own way.

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