Tv3 casting dating

Leading Irish casting director Louise Kiely and her team will meet over 2,200 hopefuls across the sessions.People will be seen on a first come, first served basis so competition for places is likely to be high given they can see just 500 per day in Dublin and 300 per day in the other cities.The show is based around Red Rock's local Garda Station.It also features two feuding families, the Kielys and the Hennessys, whose battles often involve them with the Gardaí.Michael Hennessy is the lead suspect for the assault; this re-ignites a feud between the Kielys and the Hennessys.To make the situation more complicated Michael's brother David is in a relationship with Katie, something he keeps secret from his solicitor sister Claire and overbearing mother Patricia.Soon after Bridget comes home, she discovers a box of cash hidden in Darren's room.She keeps quiet about the cash and spends most of it.

According to TV3, "The Red Rock’ casting team are unlikely to cast anyone still attending secondary school outside the Dublin area as it uneconomic and impractical for them to travel outside of school hours." Production on 'Red Rock' begins in the autumn.See full summary » Dating in the 21st Century has become a matter of texting, smartphone apps and virtual experiences."Cites" ("dates", in Catalan) mixes romantic comedy with drama in a series of first dates...However, anyone who cannot be seen on the day can submit self-tapes in the coming months."We would ask that people prepare a Film/TV monologue of a minute in length.

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