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Moksha – liberation from the cycle of reincarnation According to Kama Sutra, “IN the beginning, the Lord of Beings created men and women, and in the form of commandments in one hundred thousand chapters laid down rules for regulating their existence with regard to Dharma, Artha, and Kama.” 4 Further it says- “MAN, the period of whose life is one hundred years, should practise Dharma, Artha and Kama at different times and in such a manner that they may harmonize together and not clash in any way.Sex as Yajna: Yajna or sacrifice is derived from root word “Yaj”. Max Muller defines Yajna is an act by which we surrender something for the sake of gods”6. It is an act by which the couples surrender their ego, in order to gain pleasure, progeny, eventually even enlightment.

Third genders are described in ancient Vedic texts as males who have a female nature—referring to homosexual men or feminine-gendered males.

During the stage of life (generally birth to around 25 years) young people are traditionally concentrating on their education.

Sexual relationships would be a distraction at this time, and they are encouraged to avoid them.

“Her lap is a sacrificial altar; her hairs, the sacrificial grass; her skin, the soma-press. How may we enter it fully, above space and time, names and descriptions? So, Shiva explains her 112 methods of meditation to attain enlightment.

The two labia of the vulva are the fire in the middle. He says- At the start of sexual union Keep attentive on the fire in the beginning, And so continuing, Avoid the embers in the end.

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