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These breaks, she explains, are useful because of the 'pressure' society places on couples and the increasing focus on 'adventurous' and 'raunchy' sex rather than 'pleasure and connection'.'A short sex break can always be a useful thing for a couple to focus on reconnecting emotionally and taking some of the pressure off, as long as there is an end date,' Dr Goldstein told Body Soul.

'But most importantly having less sex can be about having it when you want to, not when you feel you have to in order to meet some mark.'The sexologist explained that many couples are having sex more than they truly want because they 'feel they should have to believe their relationship and sex life are still on top'.

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On April 14, CNN Money promoted the latter by highlighting the world of “robosexuals” – people romantically or sexually attracted to bots – which incidentally can’t consent.

In the latest segment of CNN’s “Mostly Human” series titled “I Love You, Bot,” host Laurie Segall visited France to “celebrate” what they called the engagement party of a woman named Lilly betrothed to a robot she designed herself.

And while acknowledging that the idea sounded “a little crazy at first,” Segall focused her story on how intimately humans are tied to machines in our current age, pondering the question, “how far is too far?

Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein says that while regular sex is indeed important and should be made a priority, it is important for couples to have 'sex breaks'.The trouble with online shopping is that many customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision.Rather than watching potential customers click away from their e-commerce sites, many businesses have been adding live chat support.“He brightens my day.” As the camera cuts to the bot, occupying a chair next to his alleged lover, Segall narrates in an amusing understatement: “Lilly’s love story is quite different from other great love stories.” And as the video concludes, Lilly can be seen walking with her bot in tow, then staring lovingly into his eyes on a bench in the park. But Mc Mullen says it’s not just about the physical; in fact, he’s currently working on an app called Harmony that will let users customize their doll’s “personalities.” “A lot of our clients tend to have feelings that are beyond sexual desires,” he explained to Segall.“Lilly doesn’t believe that humanity is a necessary ingredient for happiness,” Segall wrote in an article accompanying the video. “So they actually become attached to their dolls.” This is simply the latest in a line of reports about human interaction with artificial intelligence.

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