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Such solo drives had become routine for him, though the settings varied; sometimes it was a motel in a seedier part of the city, or tonier lodging in the sprawling Virginia suburbs.

29 article on the tome in Certainly the book reads less sexy and more historically clinical.

He found himself pumping gas at a filling station at the corner of Van Ness Ave. Bowers accepted, and thus, according to his book, began the formation of a secret prostitution ring catering largely to gay and bisexual men and women, many familiar stars.

For a selection of big names in the Forties and Fifties, Bowers was go-to guy to arrange that illicit rendezvous.

For the record, Bowers — now 88, married to the same woman for 27 years, and residing in the Hollywood Hills — insists that he was never a pimp.

And, despite his personal involvement in countless homosexual “tricks” over decades, he maintains he always has preferred sex with women.

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