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Gwyneth Kate Paltrow (Los Angeles (Californië), 27 september 1972) is een Amerikaans actrice.

Ze werd in eerste instantie bekend als de vriendin van Brad Pitt, maar ze is tegenwoordig vooral bekend van haar filmrollen, waaronder Shakespeare in Love, waarvoor ze een Oscar won.

Carer Nat, who is expected to remain at the Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre in Sheffield until at least March 2017, was at home when she found out Pene had died while cycling in Lincoln on September 23 this year.

It was that night at 9.30pm, as she and Shane travelled along the A46 near Thorpe-on-the-Hill, Lincolnshire, that disaster struck again when they were involved in the crash, which is being investigated by police.

Parker and the Vicious Circle en Jefferson in Paris, tot ze in 1995 haar grote doorbraak beleefde met de film Se7en.

Therefore, Wing's grandson secretly sells the mogwai to Randall.

Though the creature seems innocent enough, the grandson then warns Randall that he must not let the mogwai near bright light, especially sunlight, which can kill the mogwai; must not allow water to touch the mogwai; and, most importantly, must never, ever feed it after midnight.

In 1991 speelde ze haar filmdebuut in de film Shout.

Datzelfde jaar speelde ze de jonge Wendy in Hook van Steven Spielberg.

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