Norton 360 not live updating naples dating

I do know that it warns me when I leave my laptop inactive for a period of about 14 days - so you may just have missed the "triggering point" of 14 days.Did the chat folks have you check the date, time and time zone of your system clock?Hello, System specs: CPU:i7Memory: 4GB DDR3 HDD: 500GB VGA: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 OS: Windows 7 The CPU usage of my system is not exceeding 30%, but the system is running very slow, in both wise...running any application, or opening any file!!!

ATT says proxy setting are ok, & have good connection. I'm at my wits end, especailly when Norton can't help.

If you are trying to download the Norton product from your service provider, go back to your service provider's website, and follow their instructions to get the latest version of your Norton product.

I followed all the steps listed in this forum with no results. I uninstalled/reinstalled Norton 360, contacted Norton, issue unresolved.

How do I get Live Update to update automatically so I no longer have to update manually? If not, move the slider to the On position and click Apply. I installed Windows 7 updates and rebooted my computer and Live Update is now updating automatically.

Not sure whether it was the Windows updates or the reboot that corrected things.

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