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Romance will be in the air this weekend over a bout of weeding.

Weed dating is coming to Titirangi tomorrow during the annual month-long Eco West festival held from March 15 to April 13.

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The Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority is headed by Rabbis N. Likewise we consult with numerous poskim on different occasions and follow the general guidelines of major agencies such as OU and CRC.Fish must have fins and scales, such as salmon, snapper, tarakihi and most types of tuna. Chicken, duck and dove are among kosher classes of fowl, but owls, ostrich and other birds of prey are prohibited.All meat and fowl must be slaughtered by a trained religious slaughter (Shochet) and then prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.ISNZ Schools are some of the finest learning facilities across New Zealand and offer a wide range of choices and school types.Campuses are spread throughout New Zealand, North and South Island, rural districts and major cities.

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