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Thanks to the controversial Lil Kim 2016 photos–which Kim herself shared, and which you can see above–her fans and the social media world at large have been abuzz with discussion about what might have led Kim to alter her look so drastically–along with what it means to be a dark-skinned woman in America.As soon as Kim shared the above photo set, publications rushed to get quotes from plastic surgeons about any and all work that Kim might have had done. Gary Breslow, who said he feared Lil Kim is a plastic surgery addict, and that, in his professional opinion, she “should seek professional help” for her problem before it gets any worse.

(Photo : Reuters) Floyd Mayweather recently ended his engagement to model Shantel Jackson, and it seems he has shifted his affections to rumored former flame, rapper Lil' Kim.“They seem elongated and completely different,” she told the publication.“Kim would have had to have surgery to remove the fat, skin and tissue to create this new eye shape.” Lil Kim has openly discussed plastic surgery several times before: in 2005, for example, she gave an interview to Angie Martinez in which she explained that she had had some reconstructive work done after an abusive ex-boyfriend broke her nose. Levine gave another quote to , on a topic that’s gained more attention than any other Lil Kim then and now topic: namely, the color of Kim’s skin.Add to this the pressure most women in entertainment feel to uphold unrealistic requirements of beauty. After Lil' Kim posted an Instagram photo of her latest look, people were shocked by the rapper's total transformation from her early days.

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