Inserting updating and deleting data with the objectdatasource man dating site in usa com

For the ease of understanding, I have created BAL, DAL into the App_Code folder. pre 2) Can you post other similar article with Ajax? Because in practice we expect the delete to be performed with confirmation and also in details screen. Add new / Edit in 2 different tab panels - to have better usability. Regards, Sreedhar Thanks Vansree for your suggestions. Regarding pre class, I will let the webmaster know about it. As far as article on Ajax is concerned, I will try my best to post few articles on Ajax in coming days. Regards This is simpler example for 3-Tier Architecture.

In real scenario, you should create separate projects for BAL, DAL (as Class Library) and UI (as Web project) and reference your BAL into UI. I wonder if you can come up with the same but using Ajax Tabs. Like having add button in Grid View will switch you to Tab Panel (Add new) and then perform the add ... But would like to see if you can come up with Tabs and your example above. I have one question about passing the data between layers.

In addition to its method, these three methods can be mapped to methods in an underlying object.

When configured to insert, update, or delete data, the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls provide a user interface for modifying the underlying data.

It even has a way to cancel the insert if you want.

When the Update() method is invoked, the Updating event of the Object Data Source fires, providing an opportunity to add or customize the values of any of the Update Parameters.

After the method of the underlying object of the Object Data Source has completed executing, the Updated event of the Object Data Source is raised.

NET page using the Grid View, Details View, and Form View controls.

These controls simply work with data supplied to them.

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