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Of course, there’s also one particularly buzzy thing he simply can’t talk about. [Speaking of: major spoiler alert.] I’m afraid I can’t talk about it. I mean, he’s American, but he’s not necessarily just for Americans.

In fact, I’m sure there’s someone [from the studio] waiting just outside my house in case they overhear me say something. I think people everywhere know who Superman is and they can relate to Superman.

Henry took a break from filming to take part in the Durrell Challenge, where hundreds of islanders turned out at the People’s Park to run alongside him: “Durrell is something I care about because it is a part of home to me.

I’ve got great experiences and memories from going there as a kid,” Henry added.

Today was a very successful day at the Durrell Challenge.

I can't speak for everyone but my family, my friends and I had an incredible time.

If I were to be walking my dog, for example, and someone were to kick my dog, I honestly don’t know what I would do. Up your calories...” A lot of working out today is, “Let’s make it an easy fix.” Do this, and do that, and you’ve got 60-second abs. I was very fit, then I was not very fit, then I was very fit again, then I was not very fit.

I think I’d probably get myself into a big amount of trouble. I picked up Kal for the first time during preproduction for . My own personal approach to training is, I’m learning year after year after year and applying it and finding what fits and suits me best for my lifestyle. Now that I’m fit again, I think I’ve found a comfortable balance, which is enjoyable because we all like to go out for drinks and have pizza and have dinners and all the nice things in life, and not being a complete gym psycho.

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In fact, the 33-year-old English superstar has shunned the trappings of a full-time Hollywood lifestyle for a quieter, more friends-and-family-centric life in London.According to our sources, Henry realized that something was wonky when he went on vacation with Marisa, his trainer, and his trainer’s wife.However, pictures of the fairly intimate vacation kept leaking online, and really, the only person they could have come from was Marisa Gonzalo.But alas, he’s done both these things recently, to the fury and disappointment of his legion of fans.For example, his recent girlfriend, Marisa Gonzalo, was a 21-year-old girl who would often post pictures about killing animals and then brag about it.

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