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She showed up right as mourning friends and family were leaving her husband's ABCWhat kind of thing would you say to the person you love who tried to have you murdered?

This trope covers situations where something seems to be highly praised, and it's relative to an extremely small — or intrinsically awful — group (often a group of one), rendering it meaningless.

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Meet Kohaku, a leopard gecko who won the hearts of many on Instagram and Twitter after "full time animal mom" , Taylor Nicole Dean, shared pictures of him and his plastic gecko toy.

Creators may describe their own works this way as a form of humorous Self-Deprecation; it can also be a way to imply that a work, while bad, at least has a unique premise—it's better than any other of its type because there no other.

Sometimes it derives additional humor from the recipient taking it as a genuine compliment, either because they're dumb or because we the audience know something they do not.

Sometimes the intent is for the praise to be taken seriously (in which case it becomes a version of the Sharpshooter Fallacy), but the more frequent implication is that there isn't any larger category relative to which it can apply, making it a Stealth Insult (if the backhandedness of the compliment is not immediately obvious) or a form of Damned by Faint Praise (if it is).

Sometimes the joke is that, even in such an incredibly narrow category, the thing being discussed isn't first.

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