Dating song lyris disaster movie

), also known as , is a 2015 Indian Kannada suspense drama film directed by Gadda Viji and co-produced by Yogaraj Bhat.

It stars Anant Nag as the lead protagonist with an image makeover. Based on the theme of 'good over evil', the plot of the film revolves around the life of a businessman trying to save himself being attacked by goons on bringing three persons all suffering from different psychological disorders together. J., who collaborated with Ravi Basrur to score the background music.

Albright / Noah's Mother / Old Lady / Old Woman / Operator / Others / Paper Boy / Parade Commentator / Pigs / Producer / Queen Elizabeth II / Receptionist / Saleswoman / Shauna Chalmers / TV Executive / Tina / Tyler / Woman #2 / Woman on Street / Woman with Baby / "Men" / "No, One!

Woman / Caitlin / Calypso Self-Knowledge / Cameron / Campsite Worker / Candy Cane / Carjacker / Carl's Sister / Carla Bruni-Sarkozy / Carol Jones / Carolyn / Cashier / Cat 815 / Cathy from Personnel / Centrefold / Channel 3 Reporter / Charo / Chat Show Host / Cheering croud / Child #2 / Child Under Trap Door / Chinese Choir / Chinese Woman Assassin / Choking Woman / Circe / Clara / Clara Peller / Clarice Dremond / Cleo / Clerk / Cletus's Son / Coffee Shop Manager / Comic Book Lady / Committe Chairwoman / Continuity Woman / Cookie Kwan's Baby / Cool Kid / Countdown P. / Court Attorney Woman / Creative Arts Emmys Presenter / Creepy Little Girl / Cregg Demon's Son / Cuban Airport Woman / Cuban Vendor Boy / Cybill Shepherd / Cyclist / Cyrus' Wives / DMV Worker / Dalia Brinkley / Dame Judith Underdunk / Daphne Beaumont / Dating Service Clerk / Davey / David / Dean / Debbie Pinson / Debutante's Mother / Delivery Woman / Dentist #1 / Devon / Dia-Betty / Diabetty / Diane (Network Executive) / Dilbert's Wife / Dinosaur Trainer / Disgusted Lady / Divorce Bureau Woman / Dottie / Dowager Grandmom / Dr.

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he dates all us kids in high school under the bleachers in the showers while were changing for gym class Will: I'm dating Oprah Calvin: I'm dating Obama Lisa: I'm dating Indiana's ass Indiana: she's dating Indiana and I'm dating Hancock Hancock: he's dating Hancock and I'm dating Beowulf Beowulf: you know you like it and I'm dating Kung fu panda Kung fu panda: and I'm dating Micheal Jackson MJ: heeeee heeeeee don't judge me I love my animals you see Chipmunk's: oh yeah he's dating the chipmuncks sad to say but it's true he dates the chipmunks yeah, ooooohhh.

Alvin and the Chipmunks first appeared inside the shelter Will, Calvin, Juney & Enchanted Princess are staying.

They are first shown singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas, wherein Enchanted Princess applauses is adobed by them while Juney distrust them.

Juney says that they are not Alvin & the Chipmunks & Will says Alvin has rabies, which the latter shows.

The main characters back out as Alvin ask them where do they think they are going & then attacks Will (who shouts Dave's line "ALVIN!!!!!!!

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