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When a playoff system was finally instituted, it wasn’t called the Super Bowl but rather the NFL Championship Game.

And the risks of racing and the attention it drew far outweighed any potential rewards.)Evading this corporate dictum from upper management, Corvette Chief Engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov obtained some unofficial assistance from Chevrolet’s General Manager Semon “Bunkie” Knudsen in 1962, who provided a black-ops budget and a secret skunkworks.Franklin's account of his life is divided into four parts, reflecting the different periods at which he wrote them.There are actual breaks in the narrative between the first three parts, but Part Three's narrative continues into Part Four without an authorial break (only an editorial one).Although 125 were initially planned, only five were ever built (with unsubstantiated rumors of a sixth that was supposedly destroyed at GM in the mid-’60s, but that’s a tale for another day).Known simply as The Lightweight, the Grand Sports were created to win FIA endurance races, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, despite GM’s ban on racing.

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