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We cannot say why some people who experienced these unfortunate circumstances enjoy adult relationships without fearing abandonment, and why others are preoccupied with worry.

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For example, if you recently experienced a loss or another traumatic event, you may be overly concerned about your current courtship.

You may think, “what, me controlling, I am quite the opposite”. I am sure many of us have experienced this, most of us in a relationship, some of us with our parents.

I can definitely recall trying to control my daughter by yelling at her or getting angry with her, though I am not proud of this now.

Then again, some people who were never actually abandoned develop the fear; perhaps because they love so passionately, have never learnt emotional independence, or misuse their imagination to scare themselves.

So if you have a fear of abandonment, it Here are some tips to help you overcome fear of abandonment: I recall treating a man who'd been traumatized after being mugged two years before. Now whenever he saw When we are frightened, we avoid.

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