Dating customs in dutch

No matter where you call home, the dating game is tricky. Imagine how hard it is to answer those questions in a foreign country.The same troublesome questions always come to the fore: should I text him already? Every culture has different rules and conventions when it comes to dating. It’s completely normal for a guy to just approach a girl and ask her out, and it’s also considered standard for him to pay on the first date.Foreign travelers, especially from America, view the Netherlands through a curious fractured mirror – on one hand it is imagined as an idyllic paradise of tulips, windmills and cheese while on the other it is viewed with delicate horror as the land of druggies and prostitutes.The reality is though that its men here are like everywhere else – some good, some bad and most in between.

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Don’t be put off by casual, non-committal language such as “catch up” and “hang out:” these terms mean to keep pressure off initially, leaving potential for something to happen later.

However be careful to do some homework on the history and background of his country before you engage him in a discussion.

For instance, always refer to his nation as The Netherlands and not merely as Holland; this is because both North and South Holland are merely two out of twelve provinces in all.

However there are a few characteristics which make Dutch men very interesting and often rewarding to know.

Well-educated and aware When dating a Dutch guy, you can on the whole look forward to spending time with an educated, well-read person.

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