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See full summary » Doug Simpson lives alone with his two daughters Katie and Bonnie.

Katie has just turned 15 and when Doug is out of town on a business trip she gets herself a treatment at a beauty parlor. Without those, she is a beautiful young woman and the boys line up outside the front door to date her.

Such indicators are the subject of intelligence community agreement and are specifically defined in appropriate regulations.

Birth control and abortion are well documented in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

CDC is committed to stopping violence before it begins.

An individual or group used as a standard of comparison in a scientific experiment, as a group of subjects given an inactive substance in an experiment testing a new drug administered to another group of subjects.

♦ An experiment designed to test the effects of a single condition or factor on a system is called a control experiment.

The only thing he knows is that he loves his roommate, Jenny Gordon, who feels unappreciated as other things in his life seem to take precedence ...The Book of Genesis references withdrawal, or coitus interruptus, as a method of contraception when Onan "spills his seed" (ejaculates) on the ground so as to not father a child with his deceased brother's wife Tamar.Plants with contraceptive properties were used in Ancient Greece from the 7th century BCE onwards and documented by numerous ancient writers on gynaecology, such as Hippocrates.It can happen to people who are married, living together or who are dating.It affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels.

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