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So I guess this means you won't be contacting me for additional information from the book. because I usually charge a penny per word for that service. [: D] Thanks again, SPBOB I just read Lockhart's monograph on Owens Illinois bottles for the first time.

I have your PM address and the FBI can figure out the rest of it from there. That's a great idea, and one I thought of myself a while back, except that our library didn't have a copy of the book.

You can get 'throw back' capping - we are seeing a lot of bottles with non-clinched plastic caps in New Zealand currently for instance.

The best source we know for dating ceramic minis (decanters), especially American ones, is Montagues Modern Bottle Identification and Price Guide.

Does your dusty bottle of whskey have a UPC on the back?

They fully came into fashion around 1985, but began popping up in the late 70s and early 80s.

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The first place to look with straight bottles is the closure. A bottle with a cork is likely to be, at least, pre-WWII.And then he continues, completely ignoring this piece of information to advance his hypothesis that the dot is a dating icon.Secondly, Bob, as you recall from last summer, I had mentioned talking to a gentleman that worked at O/I who had told me the very same piece of information.You know that big block of text on the back of your whiskey that tells you not to operate machinery or be pregnant while drinking?If it’s not there then your bottle is likely from before 1989 when the Surgeon General’s warning became mandatory.

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