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At first, she thinks it's some sort of game, but as it turns out, it's more like a dream becoming reality.Contains AJ/The Shield poly negotiation, as well as inter-Shield pairings.Swearing-in ceremonies have been held in Annapolis Royal several times in the past.The first, for the record, April 25th, 1720, when then-Governor Phillips swore in his Executive Council.

'Mr Marsh was there with the quite benevolent intention of lighting a votive candle because his mother was seriously ill.'Something happened while he was lighting the candle.

Okay, so the drama started when Kayley Hyde (owlssayhoot), Lex’s long time close friend, tweeted how “patronizing and insulting” she found the panel.

She also showed her support for Lex, calling her “a voice of reason among crippling sexism”.

♥Title: All the Pretty Diamonds Author: Lucy Rating: PG-13Pairing: AJ Lee/Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns Warnings: poly relationships, some casual ableist language in accord with typical WWE broadcasts.

Word Count: 9,409Disclaimer: I don't own the WWE and do not believe that anything I write is fact. Every time AJ turns a corner, it seems a member of the Shield is attempting to court her.

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